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......@@ -5,11 +5,13 @@ The OpenVT platform is committed to protect the privacy of its visitors and user
This privacy statement explains what data that is gathered and how it is treated and used.
**Which data? Why?**
The OpenVT platform does not process personal data unless you provide the data intentionally. We will require a mail address in order to send login information, newsletter, service availability and issues regarding the avail data on the OpenVT platform – e.g. errors/updates/news.
Hence a user name, name and mail address is supplied to the OpenVT platform.
The main use of the OpenVT platform is to download models. All data echange and access on the platform is stored in a logfile. This data is used for internal statistics and to be able to modify the appearance and functionality of the OpenVT platform to enhance user experience and performance.
To the best of our knowledge the OpenVT platform only uses session-cookies, hence these are removed as soon as the current session is active. Retention cookies can be used if user e.g activates ‘remember me’ functionality during login.
**Third party usage of data**
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