Welcome to the OpenVT Platform

This is a platform for Open Science collaboration and research with a focus on developing virtual testing tools to enhance safety of road users.

Open Contents on OpenVT

Open source tools, libraries, and data on OpenVT can be viewed and downloaded without sign-in. See a complete list of Open Access contents here: Open Contents Overview

Some popular tools hosted on OpenVT:

Participate in Projects hosted on OpenVT?

If you are looking to interact with the projects hosted on OpenVT (for example, reporting issues or making contributions), you need to create an account. Your account will be active after confirmation by the platform admins.

If you are looking to host your project on OpenVT or have other questions, send a message to contact@ovto.org.

The OpenVT platform was created within project VIRTUAL and is now run by the OpenVT Organisation (OVTO).

Welcome to the OpenVT Platform
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